Hannan’s Music Recommendations


Folks, I’ve spent two very long, tiring days sifting through hundreds of articles online in a somewhat desperate hunt for good new music. My hip is starting to stabilize from the injury, so I want to start dancing again, but the thought of sweating over yet another straight-up Egyptian show doesn’t inspire me to get up and dance. After you’ve danced to a classical entrance song fifty gazillion times, you kinda want something new and fresh. So, with a lot of hunting, I’ve come across some interesting artists and songs and am sharing them with you. If you like these artists please buy their songs so they can keep making great music.

Here we go:

Khalil Ghadri Arabic Fusion Band – Ooof! Gorgeous! My ears got all stuffed up with honey, the music was so sweet.

Guy Manoukian – Some of the songs on “Assouman” are really danceable, and the really high production value would add polish to your show. He is Lebanese-Armenian and was formerly a professional basketball player.

Y.A.S. – I could see a fusion dancer doing something really cool with this. Y.A.S. is collaboration between Mirwas Ahmadzi (Madonna’s producer) and Yasmine Hassan (SoapKills)

Yasmine Hamdan – For me, this is a very fresh sound (seeing as how the Arabic music I listen to is mainly from fifty years ago). This is my favorite song I’ve heard from her so far. I would listen to this regardless of if I liked Arabic music.

Taksim Trio – Virtuoso Turkish musicians playing enchanting music. on Facebook

Azam Ali – sounds a little like Lisa Gerrard, except that she also sings in real languages.

Yousra El Hawar – I love “Al Soor” by Yousra El Hawary, but as you’ll hear in the article, maybe you don’t want to do a show to this song.

Mashrou Leila – This might be the hippest band coming out of the Middle East.Listen to Il Hilm by Maryem and Ernie Tollar. Lovely!

These links provide information to students about the art of bellydance. Curious students, once you have exhausted these links, feel free to email Hannan for more bellydance resources!

Let me take an old fogey moment here and just comment on how MIRACULOUS the internet is for something like this! When I first started dancing (almost 15 years ago) it would have actually been impossible to locate and listen to alternative/fusion music recorded in the Middle East. Thank you, internet!

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One Response to Hannan’s Music Recommendations

  1. Keika Raqs says:

    This is a great list – thank you for sharing these recommendations!

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