The Secret to Bellywork

The key to bellywork is to get in touch with your diaphragm.


Think of your diaphragm like an umbrella at the bottom of your ribcage. It opens when you breathe in and it closes when you breathe out. Do that a couple of times until you understand what I mean.

Do you know how to close off your throat? Exhale quickly and then catch your breath. Make a little “ha” sound. This is a quick movement. You’ll know you’re doing it right if you feel a little “catch”.

Now, breathe all the way out. Next, close your throat. When you close your throat you can feel your diaphragm engage a bit. When you close your throat your diaphragm will feel like it is trying to bring in air. That tension between a closed throat and a lifted diaphragm is the secret of bellywork.

Pull your belly in while conscious of the engaged diaphragm and the caught throat. You should be able to pull the belly back, back, back. You should look really gross from the side.

Once you’ve gotten this piece of muscle awareness, start to build the control. Accessing your diaphragm will give you the key to all bellywork movements.

Did it work for you? I want to know! Tell me about your journey with bellywork!

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2 Responses to The Secret to Bellywork

  1. Ji'Tahnna says:

    I can say categorically that this technique works for me. I was fluttering in a few short days after a workshop with Hannan. And every time I am asked to demonstrate how to do it, I remember how she taught me and I try to do her justice.

    In fact, I really should give Hannan more credit when I teach someone this technique.

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