Do Boogers and Belly Dance Mix?

Lets face it, even though most of us would love to stay home when we’re sick.. under cozy blankets with a box of tissues and some warm chicken noodle soup… it’s just not an option. Especially when you have paying students expecting you to show up and enlighten them on this week’s subject. Over the years I’ve learned some ways to take it easy on myself when I’m under the weather and the show (or, in this case, the class) must go on. sick

Preventative Care:
1. Create a warm-up routine that your students memorize before you get sick – this way your class already knows how things begin, and when you’re feeling under the weather, this gives you a chance to suck down some hot tea while the students warm up
2. Plan your material in advance: don’t give your brain more trouble than it needs while you’re in a cold medicine haze. Give yourself some notes to follow.
3. Learning by doing: demonstrate short very components and have your students drill them. Muscle memory is key!
4. Sit in different locations in the classroom so you can critique everyone.

Activities that work when you’re sick:
1. Have your students practice different moods for the same movement
2. Pick a song that the class is familiar with, have them do interpretive movement using a song for which you all know the lyrics
3. Have students create their own combinations using the most recent class material (lets review what we learned…)

Cold season is soon to be upon us, what tips do you have for teaching when you’re under the weather, but still eager to give students a great experience?

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One Response to Do Boogers and Belly Dance Mix?

  1. Laylianah Mahasin says:

    I always wondered what to do if I ever needed to sneeze during a performance. Granted it’s never happened, probably all the adrenaline…but still what an awful worst case scenario to be unprepared for!

    I recently discovered while teaching what to do, finally!

    At the end of my classes I always have my students hold an ending pose and then bow, to get them used to doing it when they perform.

    During this class, I bowed and sneezed at the same time, and lo and behold my question was answered! It was the most graceful sneeze I’ve ever done.

    So if you need to sneeze on stage and you can time it just right, it can be hidden with either a bow or a prep for a hair toss.

    Not sure what to do if other stuff comes out than just the sneeze (gross!), but at least this part of the problem is solved! 😀

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