Halloween Belly Dance House of Horrors

We’ve all had those terrifying, horrible, spine-tingling moments on stage… when somethingshamadanjackolanter goes wrong… really wrong. Bra pads pop out, people fall down, injuries ensue.  When I posted this question on my Facebook page, I got a lot of inspiration… if that’s what you could call it.  Jehane Khan shared a story of catching paper wedding bells on fire with the performer’s shamadans!   And Tina Taraneh reminded me of a weekend when the dancers on an outdoor stage burned their feet on the hot surface and had to be carried the stage on stretchers by the EMS workers (although, the image of these dancers in full costume being carried like Egyptian princesses is a bit funny….)  It’s a hazardous occupation, but we brave it time and again, all for the satisfaction of a happy audience and a (hopefully) blissful performance.

So in the spirit of Halloween and scary stories, this week I ask:

What’s your belly dance horror story?

Here’s one from Amira… see if you can top this…

Amira is an amazing teacher with a mission to transform women’s lives.  Her passion for the arts, combined with her RN degree have given her a unique perspective into the benefits of yoga, dance and exercise.  Her  instructional DVD Belly dance 101 is highly acclaimed, 5-star rated, and belongs to Amazon’s TOP-10 bestselling DVDs in its genre!

“I was hired to perform at Armenian party in an Armenian restaurant. I’ve always loved Armenians, once you enter their space, they take care of you like a family.
So, I started dancing and in about 4 minutes into it I felt that the floor was getting slippery but it was very dim, so I did not bother to look down because I taught it was a little water spill perhaps. But then I also noticed from the corner of my eye that the floor getting darker and I finally looked down… at that same moment I heard a woman screaming, “Oh my god, she is bleeding”.
The floor was covered in my blood, a lot of it!!! The music was stopped, everybody started running frantically. Some little man, much shorter than me, run up to me and lifted me up like I was a tiny feather. He ran to the bathroom and put me in a sink feet first. Since I did not feel any pain, (endorphins!!!), I had no idea where the blood was coming from. When water starting clearing the blood off my feet, I saw that I had hit my big toe into a broken tile and it had lifted the nail off half way… I could not believe the amount of blood that was coming out of there. Well, the women came and bandaged me up, then the little man carried me back to the hall but this time he sat me at the table and I was served delicious food and wine all night long. They ended up entertaining me and taking care of me… It’s a party I will never forget.”

(Learn more about Amira, and check out her instructional DVDs here!)

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