First Performance in a YEAR!

BIG NEWS! After not dancing AT ALL between October 2012 and October 2013, I returned to performing with two shows this weekend. I took a year off to try to recover from a torn hip labrum. I did PT and prolotherapy. The results seem to be in, I AM VIRTUALLY PAIN FREE. Thank Heavens.

I had time for a quick interview after the show with Jamie Powell and wanted to share it with you all here!

Q. So, first show in a year… how did it feel???

Nov2013performance It felt great! I felt right at home. While  I was putting on my makeup, I remarked to my husband that there must have been some psychological ramifications of not putting on a really glamorous face of makeup for a whole year (and being covered in sticky toddler handprints from head to toe). Of course, my zit situation has been vastly improved,  but I’m willing to have a pizza face in exchange for being able to dance again!

Q. What music did you dance to? 

My first set was to fun live Bouzouki music and my second set was mostly Guy Manoukian’s amazing CD, Assouman.
Q. Do you have any advice for other dancers from your experience dealing with a serious injury and going through physical therapy?
Don’t be afraid to rest. Harass your doctor until you get a diagnosis that makes sense. Attend to your physical therapy with the same diligence that you apply to your dance. Dance will be there when you get back, so take the time to heal.
Q. How did you keep in practice while dealing with your injury?  
Frankly, I didn’t. It felt crazy to go without dancing, but I knew I had to. I started dancing gently, for short durations, about three months ago.

Q. So what will you do now to keep your injury from coming back?

Well, I’m not going to kill myself the way I used to! I’d like to have more longevity in my career. I’m going to respect my body’s limitations more than I used to, instead of trying to push through them. Several articles have come out recently about the dangers of yoga, and I think it relates to bellydance. For example, just because you are a little stiff in your hamstrings doesn’t mean you’ll “fix” it by putting your palms on the floor. If you can’t do amazing backbends, then maybe stop trying. Maybe just try for some nice back extension and pick something besides backbends to do amazingly. Here’s the article I was talking about:

Q. Will you be back to performing full-out, or do you have other plans?

I’m certainly happy to perform and intend to do it somewhat regularly, but these days I really want to help up-and-coming dancers, so I’m going to focus on creating new training opportunities for dancers all over the world. Stay tuned!

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