Goals and 2014 Resolutions


The year is rushing to a close like I rush to the shower to wash off the accumulated odor of hookahs and kitchens and the sticky foot goo from slushy dance floors. 2013 was a transformative year for me. It was the year I stopped dancing completely due to a hip injury, dove headfirst into a demanding completely unrelated career, healed my hip with a gruesome injection therapy, ditched the new line of work, and returned with zeal to bellydance brimming with new perspectives.

My dancing in 2014 is going to be about shaping bellydance in a way that is entertaining and relevant to a wider variety of audiences. I’m thinking showmanship, technique, and creating methods for deliberately funneling my audience’s attention.

How was your year? Are you closer to achieving your dreams, be they dance or otherwise? You can achieve your bellydance dreams. Bellydance is now worldwide and appeals to a more diverse audience than it ever has before.

After fifteen years in dance, a studio, an agency, international engagements, and teaching thousands of students, I have studied my own success and the success of many other dancers.

In 2013 I’ve been thrilled to catch up with students who have gotten to teach internationally, reached goals of a higher dance income, and gotten married.

I love seeing people reach their goals, and I think bellydance is stronger when we all strive to reach our potential. Let’s do this! As my gift to you, here is a free e-book that includes an enchanting bellydancer print – perfect for writing your goals and putting on the mirror in your practice space for motivation. This free printable includes my tried-and-true method of goal setting for bellydance.

What will YOU do in 2014?


goals ebook cover

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